Sunday, 14 March 2021

Novel-writing and wildflowers

It’s over a month since I posted here and I wanted to explain why. You may not have noticed my absence, but I feel bad leaving without a word.

The reason I've been silent is that I've received a positive report on my novel (hooray!) with lots of helpful advice for improvements which I'm busy putting into effect.

I’ll try and keep you posted with any further progress.

In the meantime here are some photographs of wildflowers which have appeared recently – in spite of the rain, wind, frost, hail and sleet. 

First, Greater Stitchwort which I saw yesterday (Saturday). Unfortunately, it was hailing at the time, so I didn’t dare get my camera out, and these pictures are from my first sighting last year on 7 March (almost a week earlier).
I see a note in my wildflower book which says that in 2005 I saw it on 20 March, a week later than this year. 
I always rejoice to see it as it’s the first of the hedgerow plants to appear.
The flowers are about half an inch across.


Greater Stitchwort, Devon, 7 March


Greater Stitchwort, Devon, 7 March

Greater Stitchwort

Second, Marsh Marigold, which also goes by the lovely name Kingcup. I saw the first ones out the day before yesterday (Friday). It’s a giant fleshy buttercup that grows in boggy places like watermeadows or the edges of ponds. 

This picture is slightly lacklustre as I couldn’t get close, and only a few of the flowers were out as yet. If I get a better one, I’ll put it here instead. En masse they are a glorious sight.

Marsh Marigold, Devon, 12 March

Marsh Marigold (the small yellow blobs in the foreground)


  1. That sounds intriguing, glad you have had positive feed back :) our wild flowers are definitely still asleep and probably will be for a bit longer - roll on warmer weather please

  2. Lovely to hear from you, Kate. Thanks for commenting. It's great to be back with the novel. x

  3. Hi B. I'm so glad to hear about the novel - someone with good sense at last to encourage you with helpful feedback. Feels like you are back home in your writing roots.
    I love the wild flowers - I have taken photos of both stitchwort and kingcups in the past not knowing what they were and now I do - thank you! Happy writing to you. XX

  4. Dear Trish - you've made my day, as your comments always do. Glad the wildflower stuff helped - in spite of my awful pictures. xx


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