Sunday, 10 May 2015

Wild art

As you may know by now, I'm a lover of all things wild, and here are some examples of what I call 'wild art'.

This driftwood sculpture on Branscombe Beach in East Devon yesterday . . .

. . . bedecked with ribbons . . .

. . . the dog likes it too . . .

. . . looking very small from the path through the undercliff. 

And here are some crocheted tree decorations I came across in a local wood a few weeks ago.

Does anyone know how to reduce the quality of pictures so that they upload more quickly? The pictures from my new camera are taking forever. (Nina of 'The Owl and the Pussycat' did tell me several years ago but her email vanished when my previous computer crashed, and anyway technology's probably changed since then.)


  1. Hi Belinda, how funny that you should mention me a few days before I pop by! I've got an apple now, so I'd have to go and play on Vince's PC to remember how I did it…..
    One reason I got lazy and have gone over to Facebook is that they are automatically re-sized. I do miss the longer rambles on the blog tho. I'm still tempted to come back to blogging.
    Loved your series of paths photos, I take a lot of photos of paths, and I love drawing gateways too.

  2. Nina - so good to hear from you. You've got me thinking now - gateways - mmm

  3. …not sure if I've commented already? The programme is PIXresizer. I've started a new garden blog, we've moved down to Cornwall, you can probably find it via my profile if you're interested?

  4. Nina - thank you. Hope to check out your new blog and hope you are enjoying your new life in Cornwall. As you can see, my blog is much neglected at the moment - too much going on in my other life! All the best, B