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Monday, 12 September 2011

Along the lanes of Devon

One of my nieces, who lived in London but came to Devon on holiday with her family, thought that Devon was where you went when you died. She had confused the words ‘Devon’ and ‘heaven’.
    Other people look on the countryside as a litter bin.

These photographs were all taken along the lanes near where I live. One walk. A normal day.

Last week when I was waiting in the building society I picked up the local paper and read about a cow which had died after swallowing a discarded crisp packet. They go for the salt apparently.


  1. Eloquent photographs. Did you ever see American Beauty - the part where the polythene bag is tossed about by the wind? (I think it's on Youtube)

  2. Thanks Signs. It's so good to get feedback.
    Is that the film with Kevin Spacey in it? If so, I think I started it and then decided (much as I like Kevin Spacey)that I couldn't stomach yet another work of fiction about a middle-aged man's breakdown involving a much younger woman . . . Perhaps I'll check out YouTube instead.

  3. Just back from YouTube. Lovely. Salutary - even litter has its beauty. All is not lost.