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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Reasons to be un-cheerful OR Why I feel sad today

  • I’m just back from a week’s holiday on the glorious Pembrokeshire coast where a fox sat unafraid for several minutes and watched my sister and me walk past and bats lived in the roof-space of the cottage we were renting and I just missed seeing a dolphin.
  • The Novel has died on me.
  • I’ve put on at least half a stone since this time last year and look awful in at least half my clothes.
  • We’re still degrading the environment and I’m still contributing to that degradation simply by virtue of existing.
  • My 83-year-old mother is not well and I live four hours’ drive away from her.
  • The summer is coming to an end.
  • I'm still me.
  • This programme puts in bullet marks where they're not needed and now won't let me put in an extra line spaces.
Sorry! I'll be all right tomorrow.

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