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Friday, 15 July 2011

A proper gardener

I had a migraine yesterday so was lying outside under a sun umbrella. When I turned over I saw this corner of the house.
    ‘That looks like something created by a proper gardener,’ I thought.
    At the back are tomato and cucumber plants donated by gardening friends. (Thank you, Alan. Thank you, Pat.)
    The ‘trellis’ is what Frog calls racking. He rescued it from the university (where he works) when they were refurbishing a lab and chucking it out.
    In the front are my new parsley plants and an olive tree bought by Frog.
    Also my brand new watering can which I actually bought myself - with a voucher that came in a free local paper. It sprinkles, unlike my old one which has had its spout nibbled by Dog. (The old one was given to me by my sister Emma many years ago. I still use it – just not for sprinkling.)
    This south-westerly wall is baking hot after a day of sunshine, with the bricks acting like a giant storage heater and keeping the plants warm all night. It works better than the southerly wall round the corner (where I have some chilli plants, also donated).


  1. I have spent some time visiting your blog, reading earlier posts and have enjoyed my stay. I've put you on my sidebar as Belinda (not Mad Englishwoman). Hope you don't mind.

    (o) is a stone, in place of words, to show one has visited/appreciated/felt moved.

  2. Thank you twice, Signs. I'm honoured to be on your sidebar as I'm a huge admirer and keen reader of your blog (past and present posts). 'Belinda' is fine. Having taken on the 'Mad Englishwoman' persona, I now find it's difficult to get rid of her.

    I wasn't at all sure whether to publish 'Thomas' as I thought it might embarrass people but your visit/appreciation has shown me that maybe it was OK after all. I have your example in mind these days - honesty about one's pain. It's such a liberation. But I'm still a novice.