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Wednesday, 6 July 2011


A Frog masterpiece.
Yes, I know, it's got meat and cheese on it and I'm supposed to be a vegan
- but I'm a very bad vegan, I hate labels, and if food is cooked for me I make an exception.

A particularly beautiful musk mallow - dark pink rather than light pink.

Meadowsweet and weeping willow.
Meadowsweet can smell rather sickly but at the moment it smells of vanilla-honey.
(How do you describe smells?)

This old bath was full of tadpoles a few weeks ago.
Unfortunately I couldn't check what happened to them because cows, calves and a bull took up residence in the field.
I hope they didn't drink them. (I mean, I hope the cattle didn't drink the tadpoles, not the other way round.)


  1. Hi Belinda
    I meant to tell you ages ago that I loved your toad poem, I was having technical problems at the time! I was very flattered that you mentioned me. I loved your buttons, isn't making/altering clothes great. I feel empowered by it. I'd love to meet you sometime, what do you think?

  2. Terrified! I'm so much better hiding behind the written word, but maybe it's time to come out . . .