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Monday, 6 June 2011


Apologies for my long absence. I was typing up something for the blog on Thursday when my screen went blank and the computer started beeping. I didn’t dare turn it on again till Sunday when Frog was around to help in case of another crisis.
    Here is what I was typing.

Mysteries of life

  • Why is varnish never the same colour on toenails as it is in the bottle?

  • Has anyone ever watched to the end of one of those pop-ups on the computer that promise you a flat stomach?

  • Why did God invent puppies?

  • Will the world really end next year and if it does will we notice?

  • Why do cats hide worming pills in their cheeks and then spit them out when you’re not looking?

  • Is the News a deliberate plot to keep us afraid or just an accidental one?

Silly, I know, but fun to do.

Also on Thursday we went for a pub lunch and a walk by the sea. I saw this dog at an upstairs window of the pub and couldn’t resist taking a photograph of her. Do you think she is waiting for her Romeo?

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