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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Red and dead

Yes, it finally happened. My computer croaked. I now have a new one, or at least a new second-hand one, thanks to Frog who scurried around putting together other people's cast-off bits (as he does). I have decided however that changing computers is like moving house. Your furniture's the same but it's all in different places and nothing in the new house works in quite the same way as it did in the old one. At the moment I'm camping in the hall.
    I've also been car-less for two weeks because the driver's door fell off my aged (red) Mini due to rust.
    And I'm coming to the end of my last assignment (apart from the bits that I've got to do again because they were lost when the computer croaked) for the on-line novel-writing course ( that I've been doing for the last six months.
    Strange times.
    I feel like I haven't written a proper serious blog post (ie one that isn't just about me but that might be of wider interest) for ages. Bear with me. I might get back into doing them.

I said I'd get back to you about the poppies, Well, they've turned out splendidly – but never quite as splendid as the first year we all saw them, which was the first year we'd seen poppies like that other than in Impressionist paintings.

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