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Monday, 11 July 2011

Paying attention

One of the blogs I follow is called ‘a small stone’ ( ). In it the writer records one tiny observation for each day ‘like a stone picked up on a long walk and carried home in your pocket’. What a lovely idea.
    She says that she uses the blog to help her pay attention and she hopes it will do the same for us, the readers of her blog.
    Indeed it does.
    I made two observations this morning.

Ellie and I were walking through a wood when a herd of Guernsey cows and calves thundered past at speed on a narrow track, led by one quad bike and followed by another. We were both fascinated.

As we drove home, a lorry came in the opposite direction. On the passenger seat, next to the male driver, was a life-size cut-out of a blonde bimbo dressed in shocking pink.

    Roselle, in her blog ‘Qualia and other wildlife’ ( ), points out that ‘things are things-in-themselves and can also be signposts to other more subtle realities’. In other words, we see what we need to see. Like dreams, the things we notice are actually glimpses into what is happening in our subconscious, glimpses of what is in the process of emerging from the compost heap of the subconscious and becoming conscious. They are omens.
    Recording observations, like recording dreams, like any writing in fact, makes the subtle concrete. It clears blockages in the subconscious/conscious interface and moves along the psychic processes. That’s why we do it, I suppose.
   Goodness knows though, on the evidence of the above, where my processes are heading.


  1. The blonde bimbo cut-out was hilarious, I want to know the story behind it, perhaps I should write it? I am aware of all that subconscious stuff, but I don't listen to it enough.

  2. Yes, I thought she might make a story too. Do please write it!