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Monday, 18 July 2011

I like Eggheads

Here is a silly poem I wrote a few years ago after Frog and I had been disagreeing about what to watch on television. (In case you don't watch television, 'Eggheads' and 'The Simpsons' are television programmes, one a quiz and the other a cartoon.)

I like Eggheads
And you like The Simpsons

I like chilli
And you like custard

I like Tolkien
And you like Pratchett

I like silence
And you like noise

I like giving things away
And you like collecting them

I like lists
And you like chasing a whim

I like taking my time
And you like pressure

I like mornings
And you like night

I like walks
And you like shopping

I like polo necks
And you like scarves

I like Handel
And you like Hendrix

I like water
And you like tea

And that is why, you see,
That I like you
And you like me.

Ellie and mayweed


  1. - and you like lists. Me too, especially list-poems.

    What a beautiful, happy-making photograph. In my next incarnation I want a dog like that!

  2. Or maybe even in this incarnation . . . who knows. (I've been reading some of your earlier posts, about wanting a dog. I'm not sure you'd want Ellie though. She's wearing me out. Too intelligent and too energetic!)